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Jumin Han by tatouji Jumin Han by tatouji
So, I got a lot of nice comments, but also some other telling me how they find this artwork to be "too dark", that "the face doesn't suit jumin" or even calling my concept "creepy".
Well, I'd like to explain why I did things this way but it includes spoilers
So don't read if you haven't played Jumin, Zen and 707's routes and after endings.

------[spoiler ahead]------------

Jumin had to deal with stuff during his childhood; his father's mistresses being the main issue and having to be perfect all the time to feel he was worth his existence. Since he was a kid, Jumin knew that being rich and having a powerful father would make things easier for him always (not emotionally tho), and that even if he messed up, no one would ever tell him that he did something wrong. Instead of taking advantage of this, he decided to actually earn the compliments because he IS good at what he does, he didn't want to earn fake medals, he decided to be perfect so no one would lie by saying he did nothing wrong. Growing up, he becomes a successful business man, becomes his father's right hand and also one of the country's most eligible millionaire bachelors. 

Having no time for anyone except the cat that his best friend V's girlfriend Rika, gave him, Jumin became obsessed with this cat and projected his unrequited love for Rika (V's girlfriend) in Elizabeth the 3rd, the cat. No one is aware of this, the other members of the RFA consider Jumin to be a stone cold heartless selfish robotic man that cares about absolutely no one but him and his cat, but these perspectives change if you play Jumin, Zen and 707's routes. 

In the after ending we see Jumin taking care of the RFA after his childhood/best friend dies, he becomes the main pillar of the organization and will protect everyone without hesitation. Everyone, including the killer of his best friend who is also the brother of one of the members. Jumin protects Saeran because it's important to Saeyoung. He finds out the only woman he ever loved wasn't dead, instead she was crazy and is the main culprit of his best friend being murdered. He takes care of her too.
He wants the best for everyone, yet no one ever asked him if he was alright after all this happened.

So, this artwork is my tribute to Jumin as the whole character he is, not the man he would become depending on the route you take.
Someone on tumblr reblogged this and commented almost exactly my thoughts on what I intended to say with this artwork, so I'll paste it here (thank you very much serensama, I'm not good with words):
"It literally feels to me how people treat Jumin, like they can pull at him and manipulate him however they want to get what they want; but for the most part, he stays steadfast and stays true to himself, even if he is alone with just a glass of wine for company."

Blue hydrangeas have a lot of meanings depending on the culture, but they can go from gratefulness for understanding, a symbol of silent devotion, coldness and heartlessness, boastfulness and vanity, pride and unrequited love. 

So, yeah...

I think he's way more than just the "cool type" character. There's so much pain inside him that no one cares about that yeah, he's standing still but even a character so strong would have a melancholic expression after everything he has lived so far.

WOW that's long.

TL;DR: jumin 3deep5me

sorry if there are any typos lol

GOD SEVEN by tatouji
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Yukiko-Kun Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Professional General Artist
I must admit I was quite conflicted after his route... I didn't get any spoilers on him, so everything was very intense and made a huge imapct on me, especially because the first impression he left was such a horrible one. But... he really grew on me. I'm really happy to read everything you wrote because that's all true. It feels to me as if the fandom doesn't see Jumin completely at all. He ends up being either the daddy kink (MANY of my fb friends have this reaction towards him) or the cold-blooded person he tries to convince everyone he is (he probably doesn't do it on purpose, but that's the first impression). 
Btw, it's especially funny how both him and Saeyoung have abandonment issues and yet react to it in such different ways, polar opposites, even. 
In the end I pretty much wanna hug every character from the game, they all have such sad backtories, amg... 
I swear to heaven's, I felt so bad with Jumin's flashback of his father's girlfriend when he was a kid, that was so wrong, so sad... In the end I'm very happy that on his route he gets someone who's willing to stay beside him and be his support because he needs it a lot.  A LOT. Every time he smiled my heart melted a little because it was so rare, amg... Anyways, sorry it ended up with me blabbering about my opinions on the route.

Awesome work. <3 It overflows with feelings, there's a lot of melancholy there and it makes me feel conflicted. At the same time it is beautiful I have the urge to push away all those hands, ugh...
acataleptic-thoughts Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I reblogged this on tumblr too! But the moment I saw this I felt what you wanted to convey. I absolutely love this drawing you made, Jumin has such a deepness to his character that's nice to see ^^
Grendelkin Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
A very interesting artwork. My compliments!
WishGoddessEliza Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  New Deviant Student General Artist
Ahahaha that hand at the side is so me, like "don't mind me just gonna take ur drink"
Nebulana Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
The description paired with the picture is absolutely beautiful...well done
Beetlebelle Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I be in the casting for the lower hand? Thanks :3C
Beautifully done by the way!
Nagisako Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
This is absolutely breathtaking.
Citri-ne Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I 100% agree with your words, it really hit me how their barely cared about him after what happened.

I liked how difficult emotions you catched on his face in this drawing. Really beautiful.
SarahRieker Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017   Digital Artist
lower hand is being a little frisky~
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